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Using LinkedIn

Looking for new ways to generate B2B leads or strategic referral alliances to grow your business?

LinkedIn is the single most overlooked gold mine for lead generation out there.

It is the single largest social network for business professionals in the world, with over 330 million active users per month.

We often hear commercial contractors say “We mostly do SEO, cold call and do a bit of emailing, but other than that we don’t know how to get to the CEO or C-level type decision makers”.

The reason LinkedIn is such an overlooked opportunity is that a huge portion of its users are high-level decision makers. And you have direct access to hyper-target them and connect with them to drum up new sales conversations at will.

There are 3 core principles you must follow for a successful prospecting campaign on LinkedIn:

Refine your list so you’re reaching out to ONLY your ideal prospects

Outflow = inflow. The number of messages you send per day to new prospects directly correlates to the number of new sales conversations you generate. Just don’t send too many, you might just get sent to LinkedIn jail

Split test your messaging. When sending message to your prospects, test different approaches to see what produces the best results before going all in on one prospecting cadence

A lot more goes into the fine nuances of creating powerful lead generation campaigns using LinkedIn, the video above will shed light on some deeper best practices.

Want to craft a LinkedIn strategy that generates more customers for your business?

Our team reaches out to up to 100 new prospects every day on your behalf with battle tested sales messaging to fill your calendar with new appointments.

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We want you to scale fast... without relying on 3rd-party lead sources, inconsistent team members & unprofitable job margins.

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