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'Done-With-You' Scaling

The DWY Scaled Contractor Accelerator Program helps residential & commercial contractors from $500K-$1M ARR to $4M+ while remaining hilariously profitable using our Local Market Takeover Program.

Done with the help of systems, automation and online advertisement, we teach contractors to remove themselves from working IN the business so they can focus on actually delivering a world-class product or service.

What will you receive in this 13-Week Scaling Program?

An in-depth, actionable video training course teaching:

1. How to build reliable exclusive lead sources including Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads {including proven-to-convert ad campaigns & detailed explanation on how to set up a campaign in less than 20 minutes that generates 6-figures)

2. How to build your Lead auto follow-up & management CRM to book qualified appointments {including plug-and-play business automation + lead follow-up templates}

3. 1x weekly meetings for profitability tracking and business plan coaching

4. How to use FB + LinkedIn to Attract top local employee’s including commission sales reps {including messaging templates + we share the softwares we use to hire at scale}

5. How to optimize your Google My Business Page for heavy organic traffic & hot leads {including examples}

6. How to hire a low-cost, high quality Call Center who actually represents your brand well {including lead qualification scripts}

7. How to setup an automated rehash system to suck the most ROI out of old leads {including voicemail, email & SMS scripts}

8. How to buy lead lists & send voicemail + SMS prospecting campaigns at scale {including SMS scripts + voicemail scripts, WITHOUT getting in hot water for soliciting}

9. How to prospect commercial accounts using 2 unique lead generation tools + cold emails/cold calls {including cold call + cold email scripts}

10. How to setup a virtual sales process {including a templated pitch deck}

11. How to implement a client & database referral program that takes less than 30 minutes a month to manage {including campaign example templates}

12. How to setup websites & funnels using our customized CRM {including templates}

'Done-For-You' Scaling

The DFY Scaled Contractor Program means we do all of the 'DWY' explained above, work for you.

This includes weekly coaching for the first 13 weeks as well to ensure your success and share feedback with each other as we refine your business model.

We get you generating leads on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube, get you on page 1 of Google to drive more organic leads, help you hire rockstar sales reps and admin staff, and automate mundane business tasks so you can cut costs and scale while remaining wildly profitable.

The Optimized Scale CRM

The Scaling Simplifying CRM helps contractors save thousands per year on unnecessary or outdated softwares & increases ROI on all lead sources by:

  • Managing your lead statuses
  • Tracking revenue collected
  • Rehash pitch miss leads to suck out all ROI possible
  • Automatic SMS, email & voicemail follow-up of new leads + drip campaigns
  • Host your websites & lead generation funnels
  • Track your online ads performance & budget in one place
  • Create surveys and forms
  • Track calls & email analytics

This video breaks (most) things down quick & easy

Our success is your success. Our performance-based business model reflects this.

Gevork Ashnalikyan

Sales Manager, CA Deluxe Windows

Steve Molof

Co-Founder, Bath Planet Norcal

Grant Ouzts

Director of Sales, Superhero Exteriors

We want you to scale fast... without relying on 3rd-party lead sources, inconsistent team members & unprofitable job margins.

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About The Scaled Contractor

At The Scaled Contractor, We don’t just provide 'leads' or 'appointments'. We help you scale profitably whilee avoiding common pitfalls that cost most contractors multiple 6-figures in learning lessons.

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