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About The Scaled Contractor Team

Scaled Contractor Mission Statement In A Nutshell:

This program helps residential & commercial contractors from $500K-$1M ARR to $4M+ while remaining hilariously profitable using our Local Market Takeover Program.

Done with the help of systems, automation and online advertisement, we help contractors remove themself from working in the business so they can focus on actually delivering a world-class product or service.

We're a team of contracting & marketing folks who are actively in the trenches of the home improvement growth space.

  • 39-year contractor advising on business growth planning

  • 20-year Google ads guy executing your PPC

  • Tens of thousands in coaching & trial and error to create campaigns that return 5-10x ROI like clockwork

  • A staffing agency to help recruit local A+ winners to your team

Our team has spend hundreds of thousands on online advertising to find out what works. We've also personally helped scale multiple different contracting businesses of varying size. We know what works.

We've built world class systems to help contractors automate business tasks and cut costs drastically.

And we're here for your success most importantly!

Our success is your success. Our performance-based business model reflects this.

Gevork Ashnalikyan

Sales Manager, CA Deluxe Windows

Steve Molof

Co-Founder, Bath Planet Norcal

Shirley Smith

Director of Sales, Superhero Exteriors

We want you to scale fast... without relying on 3rd-party lead sources, inconsistent team members & unprofitable job margins.

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PO Box 351, Huntington Beach CA, 92648

Mon-Sat: 9am - 6pm

About The Scaled Contractor

At The Scaled Contractor, We don’t just provide 'leads' or 'appointments'. We help you scale profitably whilee avoiding common pitfalls that cost most contractors multiple 6-figures in learning lessons.

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