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Using Google PPC To Skyrocket

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Generating hot to buy home improvement leads and commercial construction leads comes down to simple human behavioral patterns.

Think about it. How do people buy home improvement and commercial contracting services?

Step 1. Get an idea for a project.

Step 2. Google their project idea to find more info.

Step 3. Check out a couple options and choose what’s best.

Step 4. Check sites like Yelp to find reviews and social proof to back their decision.

It’s that simple.

Yet, most contractors skip over one important detail.

It’s #2. Google idea to find more info.

Google is the place homeowners and business owners start when choosing their local contractor.

“Best roofing contractor in Dallas, Texas”

“How to find a trustworthy roofer in Dallas, TX”

The list goes on...

This is called “high-intent” lead generation because these prospects are actively going out of their way to inquire about what you offer.

And I’m sure you want them to see your company name pop up as a top option on Google then, right…?

So far into the Google archive do you think they scroll?

According to several major behavioral research polls, “75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines.”

As this stat proves, if you don’t show up organically when local prospects are Googling for your product or service, you’re missing out on large amounts of high-intent leads in your local marketplace.

Accepting that you need to be on Google search is a solid start.

Yet, that’s just a baby step in the right direction.

Next come the important details... AKA the 1 millimeter shifts in your marketing approach that can add up to 7-figure revenue shifts.

What happens after a lead clicks on your link is pivotal. What do they see?

Many companies who start running Google PPC link their ads off to a generic website page like this:

Here are 7 common problems we see with generic website pages we audit for clients to increase their cost per lead and quality of lead:

Too many calls-to-action or none at all.

No clear offer for the prospect.

Nothing of value for a prospect who wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on a consultation “now”, but is still a valid buyer who is researching for more education to make a decision down the road.

Difficult to follow the flow of the site.

Unappealing design (which says a lot about a brand to potential customers often times).

Difficult to find the call-to-action to sign up causing high bounce rates.

Lack of local authority & trust building with the prospect.

Once these issues are resolved, we then put in place a game plan to:

Test between 10-30 different audiences to refine until we find the lowest cost per result.

Target your ideal prospects in your market strategy using Google’s wealth of data.

Implement an in-depth strategy to test multiple different video campaigns.

Test numerous keyword and bidding strategies.

Implement multiple landing pages targeted hyper-locally. Our landing pages pass the test once 1 out of every 10 website visitors converts from Google search.

Create an e-book to nurture leads who aren’t ready to buy now with quality information, turning you into their trusted local expert.

Setup an automated “nurture campaign” with texts, emails and voicemail drops for staying in touch with leads using quality educational outreach to turn cold leads into warm leads before you meet with them.

Get you on the very top of page 1 on Google for when prospects search for your product/service in your desired service area.

Setup a back-end system so leads can book appointments automatically in your sales calendar without lifting a finger. (Yes, even while you sleep).

Once you have this strategy in place you’ll have direct access to the advertising statistics:

Views, impressions, clicks and leads.

You’ll be ethically stealing market share as you consistently show up on Page 1 of Google (just like this):

- Insert Video I Sent You Here To Show Screenshot Of Someone Google Searching -

And one step further, you’ll have a predictable and scalable cost per lead.

Down to the day and the dollar.

These are exclusive leads that NO other contractor has access to.

Your own personal gold mine…

It just takes hard work, expertise and a lot of testing :)

That’s the name of the game in marketing.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” marketing solution that can help scale your business long term.

Interested in having a system like this for your business?

You have three options:

Have someone on your team see what they can put together. Test a few thousand and see how it goes.If they nail it, you’ve found your honey pot. If they don’t string things together in perfect harmony, it could result in a several thousand dollar learning lesson.

Hire Hi-Impact to take the reigns and consistently book new hot leads in your sales teams calendar.

Think about how awesome this could be but never actually take action (what 95% of business owners do)....

Most companies give up after they try themselves if it fails. They say “this just doesn’t work for my industry” or “we’ll just stick to what we’re doing, we’re fine now”...

The truth is, these tactics are tried and true for the past 20+ years and there’s a reason the major players in every blue collar contractor space dominates the online lead generation game.

This works if you need windows & doors replacement leads, kitchen remodel leads, bathroom remodel leads, roofing replacement leads, roofing restoration leads, solar leads, flooring leads, swimming pool building leads, the list goes on…

And this marketing strategy is extremely scalable.

There’s a reason some companies do 100X others who have the same or even potentially better service for their clients.

It all comes down to how many new potential clients you’re getting in front of each day.

Building a lucrative pipeline or prospects is the lifeblood of any business.

If you’d like Hi-Impact to scale your company to new heights (even during a Pandemic)...

Gevork Ashnalikyan

Sales Manager, CA Deluxe Windows

Steve Molof

Co-Founder, Bath Planet Norcal

Shirley Smith

Director of Sales, Superhero Exteriors

We want you to scale fast... without relying on 3rd-party lead sources, inconsistent team members & unprofitable job margins.

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